Technology can be an intimidating tool for any organization, especially when it is being used for something as important as connecting with their audience. However, it is the best tool that you have at your disposal! Utilizing technology to reach your congregation can expand your reach, build your audience, and your impact.

People Expect More Digital Experiences

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began in early 2020, online platforms have seen a massive increase in usage. Society adapted to the restrictions on in-person gatherings to the point of thriving on broadcasted meetings as well as online access to news, announcements, and interaction. Digital experiences provide much more flexibility for people whose schedules may not otherwise allow for participation due to work, transportation, or other duties. Furthermore, screen sharing and recorded lectures or presentations make sharing information easier than ever before. Your accessibility with digital experiences is multiplied significantly! Technology reaches a wider audience, with more visual resources, at a more flexible time.

Gain Younger Members

Unfortunately, it has become more and more difficult to capture and hold the attention of younger generations, especially with a topic involving religion. This is worth some concern! The future membership of any congregation depends on the solidity of membership of the younger age groups now. What has (overwhelmingly) acquired this young group’s attention is social media. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter host millions of accounts belonging to young people. By maintaining multiple social media accounts, you can reach an even wider target audience! Utilize this tool that is already so frequently in the hands of teenagers and younger adults to gain that younger membership that every congregation needs.

Consistency is Key

Because of the frequency and ease of social media (or any online platform), messages can be posted consistently that reinforce your purpose and remind members of the important themes you want them to see. Memory and attention span are two of the hardest things for people to hold onto. Help them out! There is no better place for reminders of spiritual importance than on platforms that emphasize worldly things so heavily. Social media can be used as a tool for spiritual or mental upliftment for any audience. Encourage your members to connect with you, with each other, and with whatever spiritual resources you support.

As ministry leadership, your goal is to spread the Good News to as many people (of all ages) as possible. Use technology as a primary tool for this! The more you do so, the faster you will think of it as a blessing, rather than something to be intimidated by.

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