A group greeting card is one way to collectively give messages or wishes to a person or a colleague who may be celebrating an occasion or going through a tough time. But gone are the days that this social gesture is only done physically and manually. There are new and amazing digital tools that make it possible for a group greeting card to be done digitally by a group of people who are geographically far from each other – remote teams to be exact. Group greeting card tools also help teams to automate the actual compiling of the messages and make the message bigger than ever plus it’s fun to do. Here are some options for you:



One of the most popular options is Kudoboard. Kudoboard makes the process of making a group greeting card super easy and their interface is very user-friendly. The process is simplified in 4 easy steps: create a Kudoboard, add content, invite people who will participate, and deliver it. The final card can be delivered online, printed, or made into a slideshow.

Kudoboard has a free version called Mini Board that allows up to 10 board posts. This is intended for small groups and can be upgraded at any time. There are options of a one-time charge scheme which differ in the number of board posts – Premium Board and Milestone Board. Premium board is for large groups that can accommodate up to 100 board posts – priced at $5.99. While a Milestone Board is for even larger groups that allow unlimited board posts and is priced at $19.99.

Group Greets


Group Greets is the first autonomous, self-assembling group greeting tool and is proudly powered by Artificial Intelligence. It automates assembling and organizing a group’s messages digitally in all types of media forms. The best part about Group Greets is that there is no need for any manual editing by people. All you need to do is to add photos, videos, texts, audio, and GIFs and it will take care of the rest.

The cards available in Group Greets are prices at $9.95 each per template. Aside from a template, users can also choose among a variety of add-ons like custom control slideshow, CG live, and longer access period – all of which are priced differently.



GroupGreeting makes group card-making as easy as 1-2-3! Literally, GroupGreeting allows groups to create cards in just 3 steps – choose a card, invite people to sign, and send. The best thing about this is 1 card allows unlimited signs and pages, customizable texts, and multiple photo/sticker inserts. They also have a huge library of card templates!

It has 4 different purchase plans. The Individual plan is to purchase a single card which is priced at $4.99. While the Professional Plan is to purchase 25 cards which can be used any time in the year but are billed annually at $3.72 per card – a total of $93. The Business plan is the same as the Professional plan but contains 50 cards at $3.48 each – a total of $174 a year. The Corporate plan consists of 100 cards at $2.99 each and is also billed annually with a total of $299.

What kind of scenarios can you think of to use a group digital card?