While most churches are already on social media platforms because many churches already understand the clear benefits, there are still many leaders across the church who probably want to better understand how social media can benefit the church. With social media now an integral part of most people’s lives, not just an extracurricular activity, churches can take advantage of social media in some very rewarding ways.

Here are 7 important social media benefits for churches

1. Social media can help you convey your ministry vision.

“ …if you can take your vision and strategically communicate it to your audience on social media, then people may want to help you accomplish that vision”  (The Connected Church)


2. Churches can amplify ministry-related conversations to involve your community.

“Broadcasting information but not engaging in conversation is like holding up protest signs in a public place but never speaking to the people around you…”  (Charisma Leader)


3. Social media can bring your own church community closer, including your church leaders.

“Social media offers much more space for congregations to actively engage with sermons by tweeting along, asking questions, sharing photos of church activities, or continuing discussions throughout the week, not just on Sundays.”  (The Conversation)


4. Social media can help you reach people in need.

“Churches can create and facilitate “special interest groups in an effort to reach a specific demographic” or “focus on real-time online communication with people struggling with family-related issues.”  (LoveToKnow)


5. Social media can help your church to network and interact with others.

“Social media allows churches to connect with their members, as well as people who may not attend church. Websites like Facebook offer a free, easy way to promote church events and strengthen your community outside of Sunday services.”  (AGFinancial)

6. Social media helps reduce physical & social barriers experienced by church members like the restriction of going out or anxiety to be in a room with hundreds of people.

“Social media is a tool to overcome some of the barriers faced by church members in forming and maintaining positive social relationships.“ 

(Pastor ‘Kunle Badmos of World Mission Evangelical Ministry, Effect of Social Media On The Church via Academia)

7. Churches use social media to keep members up-to-date with events and other church-related topics.

“There is always something on the calendar. Create a shareable graphic for your next service day, class, youth event, or worship night.“

“Your church probably has some pretty unfamiliar words in their belief statements or faith doctrines. Choose one of those tricky words and explain its meaning, or point followers to more resources.”  (Landslide Creative)


Do you have more social media benefits in mind? What did we miss?