Looking for ways to make your church website & social media account stand out?

You’re in the right place! Keep on reading to find out why.

Statistics show that visual content improves memory recall, hence posts with visual content are much more memorable for readers because 65% of people are visual learners.


Here are 5 apps you can use to create the graphics you need:


1. Canva

“Canva is an Australian graphic tool website founded in 2013. It is a feature-rich tool that offers you a lot of flexibility in terms of photo editing, graphics development, image creation, and more.”   Lumen5

Canva is one of the most popular tools when creating graphics. It is used by everyone, from students to business owners, not only because it is easy to use, but it is also free.

You can use Canva whenever you need to make creative posts to place on the church’s social media.  Your church can also make greeting cards or invitation cards to encourage people to be a member of your church and to join your activities. Use Canva to make fun and creative posters that will charm more people to join.


2. Stencil

“Stencil is a graphic design tool that is all about creating social media images easily and quickly (as well as ad images, marketing images, and email images). It’s designed to be a tool that you can access quickly in your browser to produce a quick image and post it, so I wanted to include it as one of the Canva alternatives.”   Socially Sorted

Stencil is known not just for its easy-to-use tools to create graphic content for your website, it also has a library with a huge variety of quotes. As a church, you want to inspire people, hence, incorporate quotes in your posts.

Compared to Canva, Stencil has a smaller template size and is made for quick uploads. You will be able to upload content regularly with this application.


3. Easil

“Easil offers some of the most advanced image editing capabilities among the Canva alternatives that also offer different templates for various platforms and web content formats. Easil lets users upload their brand assets and make their templates for other team members to create their own branded images, and users can print images from directly within the tool if needed. ”  App Sumo

Easil is best for creating branded templates that the rest of your church members can easily use. This is the app for you if you want a more unique look and feel to your images and designs. Also, if you have knowledge of graphic design, or are a graphic designer by profession, this application is perfect for you since this is more advanced than other apps.


4. Pablo by Buffer

“Pablo is the perfect website for marketers who mainly work with social media images and would like to boost their social media engagement. It boasts an intuitive interface, so don’t be too quick to judge the simplistic appearance. ”   Skylum

Contrary to Easil, Pablo by Buffer is simpler and less complicated. If you’re not tech-savvy and want to create graphics through your desktop rather than your phone then this app is for you. It’s so simple that even your pastor or the heads of ministries can operate this with ease.

Aside from creating graphics, Pablo by Buffer is also a scheduling tool. Buffer lets you share any web page you’re reading. You just simply create a Buffer Queue and then add content to it to keep it topped up and shared out to your social media throughout the day. Pablo is Buffer’s sidekick to allow you to create images to share to your Buffer queue.


5. Adobe Spark

“Adobe Spark is a mobile design app from the people behind Photoshop. So I think it’s fair to say that Adobe knows a thing or two about making a solid design tool.”    Colin Newcomer

Adobe Spark is like Canva but simplified. If you’re in a rush to create a design for a meeting or charitable activity for your church, this app is perfect for you because you can easily create a design with just your phone.

There are lots of apps you can use to make graphic design without starting from scratch. These 5 apps have available templates and designs that will save you time. You don’t need to learn how to use Photoshop nor hire a high-rated graphic designer. You can do graphics for your church. It will save time and money for your church.


What app do you think is the best for graphic design? Put on the comments below.