Every church desires growth in their membership, whether it be for financial or religious reasons. As you make plans and goals to increase your church’s membership, try implementing the following ideas:

Continued Community Support

One of the best ways to get people involved and, therefore, increase attendance, is to support the local community. Most people feel strong ties to their local communities and enjoy feeling like they are part of something bigger than themselves—something that also improves the area in which they live.

First, identify either places in the community that need a little extra help, or areas that aren’t being reached out to by the breadth of your ministries. Get in contact with those in local government or local non-profits. Then, get a team together to plan and advertise your community support project. Some ideas include cleaning a highway, putting on a musical or spiritual devotional, hosting bible classes, or volunteering at a homeless shelter. In doing so will interest those not of your faith as they see the good example set by your congregation.

New Outreach

As mentioned in the previous section, there are always areas that either need more outreach or haven’t been reached out to yet. Encouraging church leadership or membership to aid in serving these areas not only will build attendance within these areas, but it will help your congregation feel like they have a unique role in expanding their faith.

Just like with businesses your church should have specific marketing objectives. In formulating these specific marketing objectives, make goals, identify values, and advertise appropriately throughout the community. You may consider even marking certain areas on a map to send ministers door-to-door.

Make Retention a Goal

While many ministries constantly seek new membership to grow their numbers, there is much value in focusing efforts on membership retention as well. In other words, your current membership is just as important in retaining as your future membership is in gaining. Take the time to get to know the members of your congregation. Plan fun get-togethers and other activities, both spiritually and socially oriented. Reach out to those who do not actively attend meetings or activities. Your numbers may expand more than you think by just following this simple principle of retention.

Most people find spirituality to be of great value. They enjoy being part of a greater community of believers who are trying to be better people and good citizens. As you contemplate methods in increasing church membership, remember all the unique, uplifting things you have to offer to those who are searching.

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