We’ve understood for a number of years now how important social media can be when trying to market a church. In order to have a really relevant voice in the community, a church may want to utilize a Facebook page. If you’re the one that’s going to be in charge of this page, we have some tips that you can use to get results and be effective.

Selecting Settings

Facebook has many different settings all across the platform. There are settings for postings, photos, videos, privacy, etc. In general, you want to keep your posts and information as public as possible. Your personal page might be kept under lock and key, but a church is likely looking to get some information out to the public. You don’t want to assume that everyone has liked or followed your page. If you have posts that are meant for members only, you can have a certain group selected when you make a post.

Who’s in Charge?

A Facebook page administrator is the page’s equivalent of a CEO and ultimately has control over pretty much every aspect of the page. There’s a number of people you can have run your page, but make sure you choose someone that has the free time to devote to this purpose. This is a site that’s going to need regular updates and content in order to make a change. Make sure the person knows how to use this platform, and that they can make the most of it.

Watch Your Content

You can have a Facebook page and not make the most of it. If you’re not paying attention to the kind of content that you’re creating, then you might be doing more harm than good. Make sure that your content is relevant. You also want to incorporate as many search engine terms as possible. There’s nothing worse than a business page that is sharing random memes, re-posts or irrelevant photos. There are personal pages that you can use for that purpose.

Make Sure People Know About Your Page

You can have the best Facebook page in the world, but you need people to join in order for it to be beneficial. Don’t assume that people are going to look up your Facebook page on their own. You can prompt people to check out your Facebook page by including the handle on website, publications, handouts and more. You can also mention there is a Facebook page in your bulletin, in your email newsletters, etc.


In addition to having relevant content, you want to touch people’s hearts with your posts. You want them to be inspired in their own faith. You can share heartwarming stories from across the country, highlighting what your church’s purpose is. You can include scripture posts each day. Have a bit of a Bible discussion in the comment section. You can connect with other churches all across your city, to share what other people are doing in their faith. This is how you get people to be passionate about Christ and the Gospel. This is also a great way to connect people in the community. New mothers can make friends with other mothers in the area as a way to socialize. People may even choose to start up a Bible study group.

Get People Involved

The comment section is a great way for people to speak their mind, but you want to find other ways for people to get involved on your page. You can ask people each week to contribute to names and issues that you can pray for. Other people may have an intention that they would like to remember someone in the church that week. This is a great way to get people talking and contributing to your church and Facebook page. You can host contests, get people to sign up for upcoming events, and ask for people’s opinions on ways that you can improve your page or even your church.

Set Guidelines

It’s important that you keep good control over your Facebook page when you are using this service for something like a church or religion. You can include a section in your ‘About’ tab that details what you expect from your Facebook page. Help people understand that there will be repercussions for talking negatively to someone else, cyber-bullying, etc.

Communicating your page to members of the church and people in the community can really help generate people in-person. It’s always so great to see the numbers increase each Sunday. You can use this method of marketing as a way to get people connected to each other, to help the community and to spread the word of God.

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