Today, Kenny Jahng sat down with Southside United Methodist Church’s Communication Director, Jeanette Danson Yates

Learn how to better connect with your congregation using Facebook Live and more.


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[2:15] We have a small group resource, developed by one of our pastors. It’s a real easy, get in get out, get in kind of thing. Kind of a spiritual life, walking through self-examination and perfect for Lent.

[2:42] The pastor who worked in the inventory decide to do, as part of his podcast, to do live Youtube sessions, which was new for him.

[5:18] Facebook Live for me was a blessing.

[5:51] More people connect with it. They’re like, “Hey. I watched that. I listened to it.” I Had a lot of positive feedback when I do those posts regardless of what I am talking about.

[6:33] Unlike in live experiences in the local church where you want things to be polished, it is the mess ups, the glitches that really shows the humanity and the live aspect of it where that endears people to you. In a way, you almost need to mess up on purpose just for people to make that connection with you.

[8:26] I’m in the communication team , and that’s okay. Everybody knows that they can call on my phone and ask for help. It’s a really small environment to work in. But, it’s a very unique situation. Seems like it’s a big church, but it’s really just small.

[8:48] You don’t have a huge media team; you don’t have a video team. That means, any church can do what you are doing today and do it really well.

[9:21] One thing you can do is to follow other churches. If you’re a small church like mine, follow come follow our church in Facebook and check out what I do and you’ll see… I’m just a human.

[9:36] Know that you don’t have it to have it perfect.

[9:54] There’s trust build in our FB community. They get that. It’s not seen as a big failure.

[10:08] Try it. You can do something short. Just a promo for today’s service. A quick shoutout to your volunteer team. I have done that before. People love that.

[10:27] Don’t be afraid to fail.

[10:34] “The first time you’re going to do a live video, it’s going to be terrible and that’s okay.”

[10:53] Just go for it. Go whenever. It’s okay to fail.


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