Are you looking to use Facebook ads for your church but doesn’t know the do’s and don’ts?

Have you thought about not being able to afford a creative team in marketing your church?

On this week’s Lunch and Learn series, Kenny explores the five tactics that will help churches crush Facebook ads with Jackson Garrell of For Ministry Resources.

Listen as they talk about some practical and concrete ideas that you can start for your church!

Check out the episode below.

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[ 1:00 ] I worked for For Ministry Resources. We’re a non-profit based out of a Bible College up here in New York. What we do is we try and be a creative team for churches right in their back pocket. We have a real heart for the local church, for the small church, for the church who maybe cannot afford a creative pastor, let alone a creative team. We exist to serve them. We provide graphic design, website support and numerous online resources to help the local church.

[ 2:25 ] Send people to a landing page. Not just your website.

[ 3:09 ] We send them to an actual landing page on the site that no one can access unless they’re using that link. So, in that way, you can see exactly who’s going there and how they’re getting there. You can look at those numbers and you can see what’s working. That’s just a game-changer especially when you’re trying to collect some info.

[ 3:28 ] Don’t be afraid to ask for a person’s email address. Don’t be afraid to ask for their phone number.

[ 3:36 ] If you’re using a landing page, you can gear people to sharing who they are with you. So,not only are they no longer a mystery visitor, they’re now a person you can potentially connect with.

[ 4:54 ] We do them in WordPress. We’re trying to keep them as simple as possible, really geared towards the call-to-action. The biggest mistake you can make is have a whole bunch of text there. Probably the best thing you can do is have a video there.

[ 6:22 ] When it comes to budget, it really depends on what church you’re at.

[ 7:05 ] $1000 is a pretty good number. You never want to run those $5 ads that Facebook tries to sell you because I have just seen they don’t really do much. In your ad, you want to at least be investing to $50-$100 for an ad. If you do that $100 ad, you know, ten times, you’ve hit a thousand dollar threshold.

[ 8:38 ] Don’t beat yourself up over these percentages. I would say anything in the 3%-10%, you’re doing really well on those ads.

[ 9:17 ] Targeting is crucial.

[ 10:01 ] I am not generalizing people here. I have found that mothers really, they’re doing good demographics for Christian events, especially events for children. Definitely, if you’re doing Facebook ads, do that Mom demo is a really good demographic. That’s just something I have found from my experience and that’s only talking about the communities I’ve been in. That could be different anywhere you are.

[ 10:34 ] When you’re building your demographic, you need to see what works for you. Write down what worked.

[ 12:31 ] If you plan on taking ads seriously, you have got to do it. You got to do your own market research and to see what demographics works for you.

[ 12:41 ] Set specific outcomes for your ad, so that you can track them.

[ 13:14 ] Yes, it’s eyeballs on your post but for all you know, eyeball is someone who is mindlessly scrolling. I mean, that might not count it. So, you got to look it hardcore tangible facts like clicks, clickthroughs, visits and definitely if you’re trying to collect information, form fillouts. That’s going to be your holy grail.

[ 14:56 ] Having a clear call to action.

[ 17:41 ] I think I’ve pulled these numbers, 85% of Facebook videos do not get sound put on them. They’re just going to watch it quick. You don’t want to depend on that sound. Facebook is becoming a video platform.

[ 18:00 ] In using video, you want to use it well, you want it to be clear, and you want it to be visually appealing.

[ 18:31 ]  I think the not super professional video works well because it makes you seem real.

[ 19:05 ] I’m not saying you run from being professional. That’s not my advice here. What I am saying is if you’re authentic, and if you’re like a down-to-earth person, people might really find that endearing.