In today’s Lunch and Learn series for the Church Butler podcast, we sat down with DJ Chuang of Get.Bible who is the Registry Operator of American Bible Society.

In this episode, DJ talked about:

  • What is the importance of a domain name and brand equity? How does it work?
  • Why shortcut urls is not the best strategy?
  • New cases and ideas of how domain names and shortcut URLs can be used.
  • Partners who are using “.bible”.

In this episode, DJ mentioned:

  • NRB conference (National Religious Broadcasters conference), the largest Christian media gathering
  • YouVersion – Most popular Bible app in the world with over a hundred and twenty million installs.
  • Free.Bible – Fastest and easiest way to share the Bible app.
  • GreekOrthodox.Bible – Another partner that has been very important as part of the advisory counsel.
  • LookInside.Bible – It contains a coalition of Bible related partners that are sharing, compelling content for a skeptical audience and generation that is based on the top hundred Google searches with questions people have about the Bible.
  • Insta.Bible – A resource that has over 33 000 verses in the Bible representing every single verse in scripture visually for download and to utilize it on their own personal network on church, sites or themselves.

Check it out below.

DJ Chuang can be reached at

You can listen to the podcast episode here.



Here’s some important things to note about in the discussion.

[3:45] A lot of domain equity is placed on a search engine based on the domain name.

[4:13] Google is very savvy, and it’s constantly changing the algorithm for what is top ranking on a search keyword.

[4:25] Where things are headed now is direct content that specifically addresses a direct search. It’s no longer just domain name and brand equity per se.

[4:45] You will be able to see in your Google Analytics that a lot of traffics coming through side doors and not the front door. The side doors are the opportunity not just to reach people that are looking looking specific content.

[5:11] With the domain names, those are the best ways to make a call to action for people that want to share a URL to a specific video or to a specific ministry, or a specific action.

[7:20] You want to use shortcut URLs when it makes sense.

[7:34] Constant branding and marketing, it’s all about engaging that emotional aspect of who we are. When we are bombarded with so many brand messages and tweets and social updates, every little piece of brand impression you can make even in front of the slash and URL, every little impression is something you want to make the most of. Why lose opportunity when we can gain it.

[8:27] Shortcut URLs are phenomenal for directing people to Bible related content connected to your church.

[11:27] Instead of having a long URL, that’s hard to remember, hard to share, direct people to that Bible reading campaign, a church can be using your as the reading campaign landing page or a shortcut to that landing page.

[12:21] One of our biggest partners is youversion and they have the most popular Bible app in the world. I think over a hundred and twenty million installs, if I remember. That number keeps changing, that keeps updating in my head. Their partner and they’re using, it’s fast and easiest way to share the Bible app. And so as this new domain became the call to action, it’s just because of how we navigate the internet.

[13:49] Something like 81% of millennial Christians, have actually shared an exclusive Bible verse on their social networks with their friends for the last year. The younger people are not afraid of church. They’re not afraid of religion or religiosity. What is it that they speak in different language and instead of text it’s visual. We know that everything is going towards images and videos we’re getting away from the text. is really trying to help become a resource for that, there’s over a 33 000 verses in the Bible we’re going to do audacious project.


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