One of the great communities that has been forming over the last couple of years for church communicators has been built around That Church Conference. The annual event is held in Atlanta every September. You'll find me there this year as well.

In person conference is like that are great, but many times schedules don't permit. A lot of times travel can be expensive and doesn't fit in the church's budget.

So this summer, Justin and Van who founded That Church Conference is putting on a two day online conference. There are a variety of speakers across communications disciplines. And because it is being streamed online, it is extremely convenient for anyone to catch some of the teaching today or tomorrow.

You can still register for the event which is completely free:

I was asked to be part of the speaker line-up today and will be talking about one of the most critical components of any communications plan the church should have: email lead nurturing.

Here's the schedule for all of the speakers on the first day of the online conference:


I'll be talking with Justin about email marketing for churches. Many coaching clients I have worked with find it a challenge to think about what they should be sending first time visitors in order to make them repeat visitors.

So I produce this downloadable report that walks through topics for each the first 8 emails you should be sending a visitor over three months so that they go from first time attendee to repeat attendees.

You can download the email guide at:

If you are on Twitter, be sure to jump into the conversation. I'll be hanging out @KennyJahng