Are you looking for an easy social media platform to use for ads?

Instagram! It is not as complicated as YouTube or Facebook but somehow manages to be complex. Its features seem easier to control. Though it is very simple – post a photo with a caption of you sharing your story, there is more to it than meets the eye.

Instagram is the home for creative people. People who want to express their creativity through editing photos and videos do it on this platform.

Here are some amazing hacks that will get you started:

1. Lifestyle photography

“The best and most effective ads on Instagram are the ones that don’t look like ads at all. In fact, your ideal customers will appreciate this. You never want people to feel that you’re trying to “sell” them or trick them into buying something.”  Entrepreneur

The best advertisement is when you look like you’re not advertising. Post photos and videos that are actually about the church. Things like church members enjoying their time in church or the satisfaction in a person’s face receiving help from the organization. There is so much you can post, other than posting pictures of the church and members with words encouraging them to join. Let them voluntarily want to be part of your group. Tell them how your organization can change lives and help those in need.


2. Use Instagram stories

“Surveys show that this type of fun, spontaneous content is what people in your church want to watch when viewing your Instagram Stories.”

Have fun while promoting your church! Post in a story a picture of you and your friends in the church doing exciting things and having fun. These are usually personal and present, as it shows your viewers what you are doing at that particular moment. Let your prospective members see what experience they will have if they joined the church.


3. Minimalist typography

“Promoting your brand doesn’t necessarily mean you always have to post videos and images. Even a one-liner or funny statement, contrasted against a minimalistic background, can work wonders.”  TNT Magazine

Let the picture speak for itself. Something I admire about Instagram is that most of the time, no caption is needed. For most pictures, my caption is just the date when I took it. People use this app to view photos and watch videos. It is not for reading captions. It appeals to us visually. It could benefit the church because it shows a Christian lifestyle centered on the teachings of the Lord and on how a person lives if he welcomes the Lord in his life. It is that simple, nothing more to promote and advertise.


If you want to make something more personal and creative, Instagram is the way to go. This platform lets you tell a story. Tell the story of your church, its foundation, it’s beginning, and the struggles it has faced.

A church is not a business, but an organization to promote a lifestyle of Christian leaving. With the use of life photography, you can advertise the church without feeling like you are promoting products to prospective members.

What stories have you told on Instagram? Share your experience in the comments below.