So, really really big news in the social media world.

Instagram gathered its top “Creators” – the name YouTube and Insta and the other big social giants are calling their users who are publishing on the platform to share some updates and news.

Here are some key highlights of the launch event:

FIRST UP: Instagram hit 1 Billion active users on the platform.

Congrats Insta! That means you won’t be going away soon.

It also makes it easier for organizations to now start paying attention to the platform from a content marketing point of view.

Second piece of news: teens don’t watch TV anymore.

Next, they contrasted 2 stats about content consumption in today’s culture.

1) Teens are watching a lot LESS television. We all knew that. But putting a number on it helps define the trend. 40% less TV these days.

2) The second stat was that teens are watching 60% more video in the last year on Instagram.

Video content hasn’t caught up to how people watch TV-like content and their viewing habits.

So Instagram said they had to help.

The Insta team built an Instagram-centric solution.

First requirement? It had to be mobile-first.

It had to be dead simple.

He ragged on some of the competitors like YouTube.

And it had to give you access to the best content – from the “Creators” that you follow.

TADA! IGTV is here.

Download it from the App Store since it is a stand alone app.

Kind of how FB Messenger is a separate app, but yet integrated with the main app.

Ashley, the product manager for IGTV came on stage to demo IGTV.

@BraceXavier got on stage and shared his excitement.

@Lelepons came out to announce her new cooking battle show #yawnningalittle

So I’m experimenting with my own channel on IGTV.

So far it seems like a very slick way to watch and discover new videos with the app.

It will be interesting to see the copycat options that Facebook, Twitter and SnapChat will inevitably come out with.

I am interested to see if YouTube will come up with a better app browsing experience.