As you must well be aware, tons of resources have been mobilized to focus financial, spiritual, material support for the survivors of Hurricane Harvey. The south is about to go through another big challenge with Hurricane Irma ratcheting up to a category 4/5 storm currently.

While weathermen have been pulling the public along for the last week like a pro busker by constantly arguing why the latest *different* hurricane path prediction is correct, something has snuck up on much of the Gulf side of Florida. As of now, it looks like the new pathway for Irma will bring it up the west side of Florida right up through Tampa/Sarasota.

Regardless of who or which model is correct in the end — One of the givens that we know is Florida is not going to get by scot-free at this point. There will be damage. There will be pain. There will be tremendous need for support after it is long gone.

The Church has been amazing in banding together and showing the tremendous amount of unity by helping each other for the Harvey aftermath.

During times of crisis like this, there is some beauty in seeing that there is no division. Brothers are brothers. Sisters are sisters. Neighbors are like our own. People simply help other people in dire need in times like this.

I have been in contact with Pastor Peter Gowesky of Hope City Church in Sarasota, Florida. They are right on the Gulf coast where hurricane Irma is supposed to plow through according to many of the weather models coming out on TV.

Peter has already been talking with the Sarasota Emergency Health department. The church has been in conversation with local emergency personnel as well.

What is amazing is that a church like Hope City Church is anticipating the need and proactively readying all they can to be part of the backbone of support with the city.

All the local food and water supplies have been wiped from the grocery store shelves. Some families are already rationing food. You can just imagine the weary and overwhelm families are going through right now. Orlando has been told to expect at least 5-8 days without power at the minimum.

One thing is for sure: It takes a community to care for a community. And this church is trying to be what the church is meant to be.

The Hope City SRQ team has already set-up a texting donation option to help defray the costs that have already started to pile up with buying supplies and relief materials ahead of time.

They’ve helped set up a shelter for families with special needs family members at a local school.

They’ve been trying to anticipate what will be needed AFTER Irma has come and gone. You and I know there is going to be tons of real critical needs across the Gulf coast.

You can help them get a head start so they can mobilize ASAP after the storm.

To donate to the hurricane relief efforts you can:


Click on the DONATE NOW button below on their site,


You can TEXT TO GIVE by texting the word “IRMA” followed by the amount to 84321

For example, send a text to the number 84321

And the message you want to send is:

IMRA $100


IMRA $20


IRMA $500


If you prefer sending financial support via check here is the details: Send it to IRMA RELIEFHope City ChurchP.O. Box 50011Sarasota FL 34232Please know that 100% of your gift goes to help those in need.


PLEASE feel free to use these graphics below to share on your social networks.

If you are part of a church, ask if it can be shown during services

…or sent out via email

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Every dollar makes a difference, because we know this storm is going to require a huge amount of relief work.

Thankfully we have congregations like Hope City Church who are selflessly thinking about everyone around them before themselves.