You probably have a social media account but may not know how to best connect with your congregation. There are a few things you can try. You can focus on your content, know your audience, and look for ways to improve. Each of these things will help you to connect.

Focus on Your Content

It’s important to focus on the content you are posting. Your congregation wants to see quality content, not just fluff. Don’t just post church announcements and updates. Often for any organization, people check out social media channels first so it’s a great way for people to get a feel for what your church culture is. If you only have internal announcements, they may not feel welcome or like they could be a part of your group. You need to create content that will connect with the members of your church and people in your community.

Know your Audience

It’s important to remember who you’re talking to. People from your church and within your community are spending time on social media socializing with each other. As a church, you are talking to your members and people in your community. Usually, what you post on social media can be seen by anyone in your community and around the world. Your church probably already has a “target audience” that is based on your geographic location, demographics, and key ministries. Now you just need to apply this same principle to your online audience. You should focus on the local community and neighbors, your congregation, and the broader digital community.

Look for Ways to Improve

No outreach strategy is going to be perfect right away. Looking for ways to improve yours will help you connect better with your congregation. Be on the lookout for signs of failure in your service strategy that can suggest that there are areas in which you can improve. Nothing will be perfect, but eventually, you’ll find your groove. You can always improve your strategy by talking to your congregation and finding out what they like to see on their pages and then implement that.

Connecting with your congregation on social media is an important aspect of connecting with them in other ways. Your church needs to keep up with the times. You can connect better by focusing on your content, knowing your audience, and looking for ways to improve.

Social media can be a great way to connect with your congregation, but it can be hard to figure it out on your own. Let us figure it out for you! Sign up here to partner with us.