As digital marketers, it’s easy for us to look down upon any analog channel, especially things like direct mail.

Who uses SNAIL MAIL anymore anyway?

Well, because of a variety of dynamics, direct mail can actually be a good part of your marketing mix for promoting your church to the community.

It isn’t something to go all-in on for every program and event you are hosting. But if you postal mail invitations and other types of snail mail, it can go a long long way.

Today, I sat down with Peter Gowesky, pastor of Hope City Church in Sarasota, Florida. ¬†As a church plant, Peter was challenged to steward his financial resources carefully. ¬†Listen to this interview for how he integrated direct mail as a part of his launch strategy — and how they launched their church with multiple services and hundreds attending from the first weekend they were “live” in the community in Sarasota.

Direct mail ain’t dead. You just need to know how to use it to well.

Have you used direct mail in any of your church communications campaigns? Have you seen any other local churches using direct mail? Are you considering it?

Let me know in a comment below with your thoughts and reactions to this interview!