Do you know where you are going?

Have you determined the milestones along the way that you need to reach in order to make it to your destination?

I was at Newark Liberty International airport today checking the departures board to figure out which gate I should be heading to.

It made me realize how important defining your end point, your destination, where are you are trying to go, really is for any journey.

This very same thing is critical for all the work that we do as church communicators using social media and other digital outlets.

The risk today is that we use social media simply to be busy and not to have a concrete destination in mind.

Social media without direction is useless.

Don’t get caught up in that trap.

It can sometimes feel like you’re living in a casino.



Recirculated air.

Not someplace you want to be.


Check out this quick video I made sharing some of my thoughts on defining your destination for social media.


So where exactly are you hoping to be at the end of this week, at the end of this month, at the end of this year? What goals have you set for yourself? And have you determined which specific milestones you must reach along the way?

Did any of this strike a chord with you? Please leave a comment and let me know what you think.