Having trouble keeping up with each state’s reopen status? Is it time to make an appointment with your stylist or plan on a workout at the gym?

Some states are still in the middle of a stay-at-home order, and some opted to forgo an order altogether.

Stay on top of the facts by checking the update pages of these respected outlets.



This CNN page detailing the 50 states’ reopen status begins with a helpful update highlighting the day’s reopening news, and then offers a drop-down selection for each state’s latest updates.


Washington Post

Washington Post’s frequently updated state reopening page shares a US map shaded according to closed, scheduled to reopen partially open states. Each state’s information includes a timeline of orders, and a list of “open now” and “still closed” businesses.


This CNBC daily-updated page offers a rundown of each state’s response to COVID in terms of lifting restrictions on citizens and businesses. The data is listed in two groups: states with stay-at-home mandates and their reopening plan, and states with stay-at-home recommendations and their reopening plan.


US News

The US News is also updating their COVID reopening page daily, providing a visual of the states, shaded by reopen status: order in effect, no longer in effect, never issued. By hovering over each state, details of their current status are available.


Fox News

This Fox News Coronavirus page provides the latest headlines regarding the pandemic including data on infection and death rates, and updates on states’ reopening statuses.

With constantly evolving orders and reopen plans, these sites will help you prepare for the coming days and months ahead as we continue to navigate the impact of COVID-19.