It’s a brave new world out there. Churches are being forced to live stream their church services online now due to coronavirus Covid – 19.

One of the hiccups any church that is starting to stream their service online find and experiences quickly is copyright licensing issues.

It’s not as easy as it should be.

Video files get flagged all the time now.  And it can be so frustrating.

The detection schemes and algorithms by the social media platforms are getting better and better it seems. Nothing gets by them these days.

livestream copyright

There are some basics that you need to understand if you were going to involve music, video, livestream. Churches that live stream music must be familiar with the CCLI license.

However that even that is not enough. Largely because these licenses have not caught up with current modern day usage. But you still need to know your way around things.

Check out this video for some basic education on copyright licensing for churches that live stream Christian music.