Today I had to go to the airport. Not to go somewhere, but to welcome someone home.

So there I am, early, at the gate for international arrivals right outside of customs. Some people have signs, other people have banners, one person has flowers. There has a lot of anticipation in the air.

You can tell everyone here has a relationship with somebody else that has been at a distance.

At the airport, this exact spot, right outside of the gate to be specific — is very important to everyone.

But it isn’t the airport itself. It isn’t the gates. It isn’t the announcements coming over the loudspeaker. It isn’t that easy signage that helped me find my way to the airport. All of the stuff… they are needed but that’s not what’s if real value to me and everyone here.

It is what this airport and this terminal and this gate allows me to experience.

And what is that? Check out this short video to find out.



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