Is your church trying to advertise and seek new members?

Use Twitter now!

A church should target younger people because, at this stage in their life, their foundation of Christianity is still progressing. Their faith in the Lord is still fragile and should be strengthened.  And, most Millennials & Gen Zers have Twitter accounts.

Not yet convinced?


Here are incredible reasons to use Twitter Ads:


1. Instant engagement

“Twitter is designed for engagement. Whether you’re live-tweeting a political debate or letting everyone know about the awesome tacos you just had downtown, almost everything that happens on Twitter is happening in the moment.”  Hatchbuck

An institution like the church should give importance to engagements. It is vital because we are talking about a way of living. Christian living is including the Lord in our daily lives. Engaging every day on Twitter will help people remember that our Lord exists, and he helps us in our daily lives.


2. Twitter Company and Personal Accounts are Equal

“On Twitter, there are just accounts. Anytime you hit a little jackpot on Twitter (whether it’s a tweet you’re pleased with or piece of content you want to promote) you don’t need to set up a business page. You can just spend $50 against that post.”   Medium

You don’t need to set up a business account. There are no other steps necessary when building your account. On Facebook and Instagram, you have to set up an account that is purely dedicated to business before you can advertise. Therefore, less effort is required.  The church can use its extra effort to do more things.


3. Keyword Targeting

“Keyword targeting is a remarkably interesting and precise way to go after specific people who have demonstrated intent on Twitter.”   Wordstream

#KeywordTargeting. By using a hashtag on Twitter, you can already find people who have the same interest as yours. With the proper hashtag, the church is visible. Again, it minimizes the effort the church needs to promote and advertise. Hence, extra effort will be of better use.


4. Ads are cheap

“You’d be surprised what you can do with $50 and a custom audience list … Seriously, you can spend as little as 8 or 9 cents per click on average with Twitter Ads.”   Medium

You can buy 200 clicks on Twitter for only $20! For a non-profit organization such as the church, money is not easy to get since it mostly is from donations. If the fact that you save money on Twitter is not reason enough, then I don’t know what is!


5. Twitter lets you work with influential people

“Twitter is really huge in certain industries–news, technology, politics, marketing, and celebrities. If your business has any connection with these areas, then use Twitter Ads to grow your influence and start knocking elbows with the most influential people in your space.”   Inc

If you’re still hoping to get on the radar of more people and grow your brand, then you should seek help from known people.


Branding is vital for churches because it will be the trademark of the institution’s identity. In a world where different religions exist, and Christian churches are almost everywhere, it is best to be recognized.


Think of Twitter Ads not as a marketing expense, but as an investment in yourself and the institution. Twitter will get you the same visibility you seek for a better return on your investment and with less money involved.

There are many social media platforms available online that will help promote the church. A church should be seen daily by people, and Twitter can give that type of service.

Which benefit interests you the most? Put it in the comment below.