Do you want to maximize Twitter for your Church’s use?

Which Twitter features are best to use?

Among the social media platforms, churches overlook the potential of using Twitter. Twitter may not be as visual as Facebook and Instagram, but Twitter brings a more personal & direct approach to your audience. As your church grows your social media strategy, it’s best to keep in mind what Twitter can offer.

Here are 7 Twitter Features All Churches Must Utilize:

1. Pin Tweets

“The good news is Twitter allows you to pin one tweet permanently on your profile.” Post Planner

This feature lets you pin a tweet permanently to your profile as it will be the first tweet people will see when they visit your profile. It is best to use this feature when you have a tweet about an upcoming event or an important announcement.

2. Native GIF Search

“GIFs are very popular on social media and they’re a great way to get your followers to laugh – and even better, to get them to engage with you more.” Lilach Bullock

Everybody loves a GIF – it’s a way to portray what you really mean about a message, and they are funny most of the time! Adding fun to your tweets will encourage more engagements and therefore, more attention by new people.

3. Accounts List

“…it makes it easier to focus on and engage with your favourite profiles. You can also create secret lists to monitor your competitors.” Amplify PR

Having account lists will help you monitor and organize the profiles you engage with – it’s kind of like having a “Close Friends” list on Instagram but way better. If you are following a lot of people, you can keep them on separate lists like if they are a member of your congregation, churches in the same state, etc.

4. Collections

“Twitter Collections are yet another way to curate content to share with your followers – but this method is more about individual tweets as opposed to all tweets from specific accounts.” Business 2 Community

Thinking about Pinterest boards, this is how Twitter collections work. You can put your own & others’ tweets in a collection to organize the content that you want to save. A collection has an individual URL that can be shared and embedded onto websites.

5. Tweet Activity Insights

“Collecting meaningful data will help you demonstrate the value of your marketing efforts, and provide insights that will help you refine your strategy over time.” Hootsuite

On Twitter, each tweet has activity insights that are accessible with just one tap. You can use this feature to know which tweets gained high engagement and which metric affected its success. It is important to know these things so you have a basis to know which content works well.

6. Twitter Cards

“The clickable image and caption get automatically included when someone shares the post through the sharing buttons.” Neal Schaffer

This is a more advanced feature but can easily be done. Twitter cards let you have a clickable image that goes right where you want it to – your website or a form perhaps. These can be customized through the Twitter ads platform. Don’t worry, it’s free!

7. Polls

“Despite the fact that polls are more commonplace on social media sites than not, their potential in Twitter cannot be overlooked.” +24 Marketing

Polls on Twitter are easy to set up and are effortless for users to engage with. When you are eyeing a certain topic on Twitter, you can base a question on that in relation to your church and include the right keywords/hashtags to reach the right people.


Get on it and try these amazing Twitter features for your church’s Twitter profile. You might just find yourself engaging with more people in a more direct way.

Did we miss other useful Twitter features? Tell us which feature helped your church greatly!