Running out of things to post?

Looking for ways to improve your content?

Facebook seems to be easy to understand, yet it can be tricky to figure out which content will work, especially for church branding and presence.

Our goal in posting creative content is to engage and connect with our community. In doing so, communicators should constantly look for inspiration, learn new design trends, and try out effective practices from churches who have made it work.

We always want to make our church portray its best self to audiences, and one important thing is to keep your church’s content as creative and relevant as possible.


Here are 7 Amazing Tips to Improve Creative Content for Facebook:

1. Share what makes you unique.

“It’s good to know what is working for other churches, but the hard work is you figuring out ways to put your own distinct spin on it.Pushpay


2. Post evergreen content.

“If you publish timeless content, then it will be useful for your audience for longer periods. They’ll keep engaging with your post. Neil Patel


3. Make sure to use appropriate graphic sizes.

“Well-done graphics allow you to make a great first impression with potential guests. Poor graphics do not. Church Answers


4. Give recognition to your volunteers.

“Recognizing your volunteers is an excellent way you can affirm people in your church and even raise awareness of ministries and events.


5. Do a variety of contests, but in moderation.

“Contests are great, but they should be a fun and exciting event, not the norm.WordStream


6. Post more videos.

“When we noticed that our videos were generating more engagement than our images and links, we started producing more videos. Buffer


7. Ask people to contribute.

“Encourage people to share their photos, …to share what they’re excited aboutCommunicate Jesus


Facebook is a place where everyone can be creative with their content. In fact, brands and churches practice these tips already, but with a touch of their own identity. If you haven’t tried these tips, we encourage you to try them out!


What’s the best tip you have come across recently?  Let’s discuss how it affected your church’s Facebook.