Is your church on Twitter?

Twitter can boost your church’s engagement and social connection because Twitter promotes more authentic, direct, and personal conversations between people.

It is the underdog amongst the social media platforms but holds more than 400 million users to date which can help you reach more potential audiences.

And the platform is still evolving — such as the new Stories feature called Fleets. You should check out what’s been happening over at Twitter.


Here are 5 incredible ways Twitter can help your church:


1. Get insights from your audience through the Poll function.

Want to ask your Twitter followers a question and get immediate feedback? Maybe you want to learn whether or not people would prefer to add new church service at a later time versus an earlier time.” ChurchFinder


2. Using hashtags can attract the right people.

“Make sure it’s distinctive and memorable but short. Then, whenever you or your followers tweet, you can add your church’s custom hashtag somewhere within the post, thereby alerting the people in your Twitter community that you have a new tweet and creating continuity between tweets from different members of that community.” Capterra


3. Utilize the campaign feature for your church’s activities.

Campaigns are useful for churches looking to extend awareness to a certain audience, demographic, or even location through tweets or website cards. For example, if you wanted to broadcast your new church plant to potential attendees in that area, you could create promotional tweets and specifically target them to users in your area.” Vanderbloemen


4. Encourage your followers to do daily readings.

Invite your church to read along in a specific book of the Bible together by posting daily reading challenges. Consider creating a specific hashtag for these challenges so others can engage and interact as they read along.” Orange Leaders


5. Make your ministry staff feel special with announcement recognitions.

Reward and recognize your staff members with an announcement that contains their picture with their reward, what they did to win, and the reward description. They can retweet the information to friends and family.” Scientifically Speaking


Twitter is a very promising social media platform that deserves recognition on how it can really spark better engagements with your congregation. These five ways on how you can use Twitter for your church’s social media strategy are only a few of many. Get better results by trying these out!


Can you think of other ways Twitter can help a church? Let me know about your personal Twitter experiences.