Are you confused about what content to publish next?

Looking for classic ideas to post for your church’s social media?

Creating content can be a tough job for communicators, yet we always strive to produce the best content for our church. The core of church social media is how we communicate and connect with our congregation and potential audiences. It is important for communicators to have a strategic content plan that includes timely evergreen content posts to engage with the audience.

Here are 5 social media content categories your church should post!


1. Prayer & Reflection Posts

“These topics don’t need to be confined to a Sunday service, and sharing these during the week is an effective way to let your community know you are thinking of them, listening and praying for them.” The Church of England

It may seem basic and expected for churches to post prayers and reflections, but it is necessary. If you are considering this type of content, it is best to keep in mind the timeliness, purpose, and presentation of the post – when to post, what to post and how to post.


2. Volunteer Appreciation

“Highlight a Volunteer and share a story about how they are living out your church’s mission and values.” Seth Muse

Your congregation is not the only people who keep your church collected and alive, it’s also your staff and volunteers! I can’t highlight enough the importance of shining light on the people who work hard in creating the best church experience for everyone. They deserve a huge shoutout, plus it makes your church more relatable to newcomers.


3. Audience engagement

“Ask Questions About What Your Audience Enjoys.” The Creative Pastor

Churches must always check on their congregation – what do they think of the service, what do they enjoy the most. Aside from asking in person, church communicators can use these questions and turn it into an engaging post which also keeps your audience involved. These responses let you know how you can improve and how your congregation feels.


4. Newcomer Guide

“Consider updating your first time guest gift by including a thoughtful list of places and events where your congregation loves to, well… congregate!” Church Fuel

Show your newcomers (even your regulars) around by giving them suggested events and places that your congregation loves to gather in. You can plan community events to let your newcomers feel welcomed and settled and strengthen the sense of community for your church.


5. Event, Service & Small Group Invitation

“Don’t forget to simply invite people to join your services.” Landslide Creative

One of the most important things for churches to post in their social media is invitations. Invite them to an event, to your Sunday service, or a small group gathering. An invitation always works when your goal is to regularly reach out to your congregation.


With all the planning and brainstorming, it’s easy to get carried away in making the most creative content you can possibly think of. Sometimes, it’s best to take a step back and think of the most simple things you can do for your congregation.


What do you think of these content suggestions? Do you have any suggestions? Discuss with us!