Ever wondered how LinkedIn can be utilized for your Church’s online presence?

Do you need a little more understanding of what LinkedIn can do for your church?

Today, we want you to know a few important things to help you start incorporating LinkedIn into your church’s social media strategy.

The unique fact that LinkedIn aggregates people who are working and or living in your community is appealing. It is made for people to build and improve their connections professionally.

It may be true that LinkedIn is mostly used for work/career purposes, but LinkedIn has become a social network — a place to share ideas and topics — that are much more humanizing than what LinkedIn was all about 5 or 10 years ago, and that’s where churches can become part of the discussions.

Here are 3 ways churches can embrace LinkedIn with their social media strategies:


1. Look at LinkedIn as an opportunity to improve credibility.

One of the best benefits offered by LinkedIn is the professional credibility the platform holds as a whole. Linkedin is a far more legitimate social channel compared to others which may be filled with fake or dead accounts.”AppInstitute


2. Consider LinkedIn as a tool to reach out to widen your church’s vocational network.

What is important to remember in networking, is that it is two-way. I strongly encourage you to post information that you feel could be helpful to other church workers.”Concordia Technology Solutions


3. Use the LinkedIn platform as a social media listening tool to know what is trending.

Add interest areas and the names of key influencers to your feed, and you’ll be able to keep up to date with contemporary issues and get some ideas for your articles as well. Online interaction within post threads can lead to incredibly stimulating debate and discussion, and this keeps ideas that you hold dear alive.”Church Communications


Seeing these ways of how LinkedIn can be incorporated into your strategies, your church can surely find that sweet spot where all your social media platforms tie in together to reach the best results.


What did we miss? Can you think of more ways how LinkedIn can help your church? Comment below!