Do you want to enhance your Facebook experience?

Facebook is the most prominent social media platform out there which brands and churches use to communicate with people or to make promotions, advertisements, and much more. The platform has so many features available on its own. Nevertheless, you can still get the best experience out of it by using chrome extensions.


Chrome extensions are programs that can be installed into Chrome to change the browser’s functionality and are tools that can help you operate a website such as Facebook.

Here 3 awesome apps to ensure high-quality content:


1. Photo Zoom

“Photo Zoom makes it easier to view photos as you’re browsing the News Feed.”   Time

When Photo Zoom is enabled, you can enlarge a picture by hovering over it with your mouse pointer. It allows you to expand the photos you’re interested in without being taken out of the News Feed.

It is helpful for heads of your church who are already in their senior years. If they are interested in viewing a photo, it will be easier for them to see it.


2. VLC Video Downloader

“VLC Video Downloader makes it easy to create video playlists and download videos from both the classic and the new Facebook.”   MakeUseOf

You can place videos of sermons, charity works, and other activities on your Facebook account. If you are having a hard time controlling videos on your profile, let VLC help you!  This extension makes viewing, editing, and downloading easier.


3. Facebook Flat

“Turning the extension on removes ads and cleans up the left-hand column by consolidating things like apps and groups into subcategories.”  Time

If you find Facebook too cluttered for your taste, you can use this extension to clean your profile and newsfeed. This extension lets you remove ads.


As a church, it is best to avoid unnecessary things that will waste your time. Especially when your church is just a rookie on social media, you will want your account to be as organized as possible. This extension will eliminate confusions you might encounter when using Facebook.

Billions of people use Facebook every day.  As a Facebook user myself, I want to improve my utilization of this platform. Facebook is useful as it is, but you can upgrade it by using these Chrome extensions.

Your church is just starting to adjust to the new normal where almost all transactions and interactions are online. Let these extensions help you control your Facebook account. Sooner or later you will be an expert on this platform!


What ways do you use to better utilize your Facebook account? Comment below.