Are good visuals enough? Not all the time.

Great captions are just as essential as great visuals are. Having on-point captions with the graphics, photos, and videos in your social media accounts will surely pique your followers’ interests.

In today’s post, you’ll find 10 helpful tips on how to improve your social media caption game!

 1. Figure out your identity/branding.

“…ask yourself: ‘What are the qualities and values I want my brand to embody?’ Make a list and use it to shape your voice. Hootsuite


2. Create several drafts first.

“Oftentimes the answer to how to write an instagram caption that truly works, is to try writing it a few times! Tailwind Blog


3. Write a compelling first line.

“Making the first part of your Instagram caption super-engaging and enticing is a sure-fire way to boost the amount of time people spend viewing your post. Later


4. Use the caption section to expand on the main post.

“…if you’re doing a quote post from your pastor’s message, I would take the opportunity to expand upon the single quote and share some context behind what this part of the sermon meant. Pro Church Tools


5. Include a call-to-action to increase engagements.

“That means using action verbs to prompt people to do something, instead of just passively scrolling by.HubSpot


6. Ask questions.

“You can ask them to share their opinion, personal experiences or stories. Asking a question or giving a call to action at the end of your Instagram caption will give them a reason to comment.SproutSocial


7. Use emojis!

“Using emojis is a great way to show your current mood, brand personality, and add a blast to your captions. Brand24


8. Use relevant hashtags.

“…if you use that hashtag in your post, you will reach users who follow the hashtag as well as users who follow you personally. AdEspresso


9. Add value.

“Adding value within your Instagram captions will help the user and make the post more likely to be shared and bookmarked. Shopify


10. Divide the long text into short paragraphs.

“…divide your text into short paragraphs with extra spacing to make the content easier to read… Social Media Examiner


Some of these tips that we gathered to help you write better social media captions may seem very simple, but applying all of them to your copywriting principles will surely create better audience engagement. It’s consistency and actual execution that matters.


Have an idea to further improve our caption game on social media? Leave your thoughts in the comments!